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Hydro Pro Tubs

Hydro Pro Tubs

Hydro Pro Tubs is the leading bathtub and spa manufacturer in the world.

Apart from manufacturing an extensive line of acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs and spas, the company also distributes its products to a growing international clientele.

Considered the foremost authority in high-quality bathtub development, production and distribution, Hydro Pro Tubs has achieved widespread acclaim for its innovative and exceptionally well-crafted products.

With the company’s team of industry specialists providing personalized customer support, customers are assured of a world-class level of service.

New headquarters opens in Kansas City

In April 2016, Hydro Pro Tubs opened its new headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. Covering more than 5,000 square feet, the headquarters is the new location of the company’s administrative and staff offices. The facility also houses a fully-staffed call center and a new distribution warehouse.

With the move to its new headquarters, Hydro Pro Tubs enters into an expanded phase of operations aimed at bringing its products to a wider national and international market.

Even more facilities and structures will be built on the premises over the next few years, in order to address the growing demand for the company’s line of bathtubs and spas.

Expansion into other Midwestern markets

Part of the company’s expansion program is the expansion of its products and services to customers from communities all over the Midwest.

As word of Hydro Pro Tubs’ state-of-the-art bathtubs and spas spreads across the region, the company has had to initiate a more aggressive marketing and expansion program in order to meet the demand.

Even as the company cements its reputation as one of the premier providers of world-class bathtub solutions in the Midwest, the Hydro Pro Tubs administrative team has already set its sights on capturing an even bigger segment of the consumer market.

One of the ways by which Hydro Pro Tubs seeks to address the growing demands for its products is by augmenting its company personnel.

With the ongoing expansion requiring the deployment of more and more sales, marketing, and technical service personnel across the region, Hydro Pro Tubs has undertaken a more active hiring process that aims to add more qualified individuals to its existing personnel.

At present, Hydro Pro Tubs is one of the biggest employers in the Midwest.

The goal to be able to service a larger market base extends to Hydro Pro Tubs’ internal operations as well.

Although the warehouse in the Overland Park facility is more than adequate to handle the company’s current needs, the construction of a new and even bigger warehouse is already underway.

The warehouse will serve as the company’s new distribution center, and is set to be completed this year.

HydroHeat unveiled

In June 2016, Hydro Pro Tubs unveiled the latest addition to the company’s range of acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs and spas.

Named HydroHeat, the new product line is based on an innovative new technology that offers users the experience of a spa-style heated seat right in their own homes.

Equipped with a surface heating system that heats the backrest, armrests, seat, and floors of the company’s bathtubs and showers, HydroHeat is a safe, convenient, and cost-effective bath heating solution that is sure to add even more customers to Hydro Pro Tubs’ clientele.


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