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Hutan Ashrafian

Hutan Ashrafian

Hutan Ashrafian is a Scientific Advisor in the Department of Surgery & Cancer, Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London.


He is a Clinical Lecturer in Surgery.

His research aim at developing innovative and technological strategies to resolve the global healthcare burden of obesity, metabolic syndrome, obesity-related cardiorespiratory disease, Musculoskeletal dysfunction, and cancer.

Research Interest

His work encompasses clinical and Mechanistic studies of metabolic bariatrics surgery, complex biostatistical models, networks and evidence synthesis to guide policy decisions, computational Physiology and systems medicine, novel health technology assessment and diagnosis accuracy of biomarkers, robotics, and artificial intelligence agents in healthcare, ancient history analytics, academic impact & leadership metrics and regenerative strategies including sports-based and bio-inspired bionics therapies.


Some of his recent journal article include;

Guo C, Ashrafian H, Ghafur S, et al., 2020, Challenges for the evaluation of digital health solutions—A call for innovative evidence generation approaches, Npj Digital Medicine, Vol:3

Atchison C, Pristerà P, Cooper E, et al., 2020, Usability and acceptability of home-based self-testing for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies for population surveillance., Clin Infect Dis

Flower B, Brown JC, Simmons B, et al., 2020, Clinical and laboratory evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 lateral flow assays for use in a national COVID-19 sero-prevalence survey, Thorax, ISSN:0040-6376


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Sep 5, 2020, 12:05 PM