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Husseini Islamic Center - Sanford, Florida - Mosque

Husseini Islamic Center - Sanford, Florida - Mosque

The Husseini Islamic Center is a Shia Ithna-Asheri community located in the suburb of Sanford, just north of Orlando, Florida.

In June 2016, Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar gave a lecture at the Husseini Islamic Center in which he said that all gays must die and killing them is the compassionate thing to do. Many think his speech may have motivated Omar Mateen to kill 50 people and injure another 50.


Br. Gulamali Dewji and Br.

John Marshall were carrying out most of the Muharram, Ramadhan and other religious activities at their homes, with help from the other pioneer families.

Br. John Marshall also set up Madressah at their residence in 1990, which moved to Altamonte Springs in 1991.

The first days

Early 1991

In early 1991 the pioneering residents of the HIC community (who had migrated from England, New Jersey and the U.A.E) moved to occupy a small 1500 square foot office in Altamonte Springs.

1991 to 1997

The diverse ethnic backgrounds of the initial members were a very big factor in the determination of the infrastructure of this new community.

The timeline from 1991 thru 1997 showed an addition of 25 families to the original 10.


The year 1997 can perhaps be recorded as a major milestone, since the summer of that year brought about the greatest percentage increase in the population of the HIC.

A New York entrepreneur, Br.

Jaffer Abdulhussein decided to relocate his business and employees to Sanford, a suburb of Orlando, hence bringing the membership up to approximately 65 families.

This major emigration from a large jamaat in North America of course prompted others to take a second look at Orlando, and within a few months another 10 families joined this now dynamic community.

New Premises


In the meantime, the past president, also a founding member, Br.

Gulamali Dewji, took another bold step.

He initiated the purchase of a property in Sanford, Florida, which is now the current home of the HIC.By

the end of 1990s, HIC comprised of approximately 100 families.

1998 - 1999

Between 1998 and 1999, the membership at the HIC had already increased to almost 120 families and with a growing population in the Kissimmee area, some families saw the need to establish programs closer to their homes which was approximately 30 miles from Sanford.

As a result, several families came together to purchase a property in the Kissimmee area and is now a sister organization to HIC known as Jaffari Islamic Center.

The new millenium


From the year 2000 to the year 2013, the community saw an increase of an average of one family per month.

The year 2014 has seen an increase of an average of two families per month.Currently

HIC comprises of over 350 families and offers a variety of programs for the community to attend and benefit from. Congregational

evening prayers are held every day and all five prayers are held during weekends. Additional

programs such as Dua-e-Tawassul is held on Tuesdays, Dua-e-Kumayl and lecture on Thursdays, Friday Prayers and Quran Tafseer followed by breakfast on Sundays after Fajr prayers. Birth

and death anniversaries and days of religious significance are also commemorated.


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