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Hunter Walk

Hunter Walk

Hunter Walk is a founder and partner at Homebrew.

He also has extensive experience in product development and played a key role in making YouTube one of the internet's largest websites. He resides in San Francisco.


Hunter attended Vassar College and graduated in 1995 with a BA in History. He earned general and department honors and wrote in his words "a kickass thesis on the premier women's magazine of the 19th century." Hunter went on to attain his MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business in 2000. Although he was skeptical of MBAs at first, he found it to be an insightful experience.


Early Career

Right after leaving college, Hunter became a consultant at Deloitte where he helped found the firm's Change Management practice. In between the summer of Y1 and Y2 at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Hunter worked in Corporate Strategy and New Product Development at Mattel that helped define Mattel's video game strategy. In 2001, Hunter joined the Linden Lab where he was the Director of Everything on the Founding Team. There, he created Second Life, a virtual world platform which was named TIME Magazine's Coolest Invention of 2002.


Hunter was hired by Google in 2003 and worked with AdSense for several years before leading the product development team at YouTube. From 2007-2011, he was responsible for making Youtube into one of the world's largest websites. Hunter later evolved Youtube to focus on social causes.


In 2013, Hunter became a partner at Homebrew, an early seed stage venture fund that he founded with Satya Patel. Their investments include ShieldAI, The Skimm, Cruise, Managed By Q, Primary, Bond Street and other SaaS, API, marketplace, commerce businesses.

Personal Life

Hunter resides in a house in San Francisco with his wife and daughter.


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