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Humberto Garcia Brandt

Humberto Garcia Brandt

Humberto Garcia Brandt (born November 2, 1944), is a renowned Venezuelan actor, interpreter, with more than 50 years of career, achieved great recognition in Venezuelan soap operas in the 1980s on RCTV.[1]


Humberto Garcia Brandt began his artistic career at the age of 15 at the School of Plastic Arts in Barquisimeto, at which time he founded the Lara Theater Group as an actor, directed by Carlos Denis and Jaime Niños.

He was also at the UCV School of Theater Training from 1962 to 1965, and studied theater in France.

For a time, the actor worked developing artistic programs for the Venezuelan government.

Humberto García Brandt is uncle of the also actor Guillermo García, protagonist of the Blue and not so pink film, winner of the Goya.


Today García is in a home of the low-income entity from Laredo, since Humberto seems to have been forgotten after being a great on Venezuelan screens, although very few artists have expressed their support and concern for the state the actor is in.

The actor still reverberates his thick voice, his strong character but with a self-esteem for heaven, in an interview with a media outlet, he "who tried to smear his name by the media, saying that he acquired an overdose causing the admission to the Central Hospital ", furthermore, this reached the point that different national media considered him dead.

To Humberto this seems like a total lack of respect for the media, since he has been fighting against every misfortune that life presents him.

From a corner of a room where approximately ten grandparents sleep, García spends his hours lying in front of a television, without changing the Venevisión channel, and each person who visits him makes him travel through time with each interpreter he had on the screen.



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