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Honorio Torrealba

Honorio Torrealba

Honorio José Torrealba Campos [1], ( Carora, Lara; June 29, 1950 - Caracas, August 17, 2010) was a Venezuelan actor and comedian, known for playing characters in the programs Radio Rochela and Cheverísimo such as El Tirabesitos; Cheché (with Mamá Chicha) and Gregorita.



Through his friend Pedro Soto he gets an interview with Gilberto Varela where he starts imitating politicians, singers and the most emblematic artists of the time, but thanks to the imitation of Musiú La Cavalerie he starts a brilliant artistic career, becoming one of the pillars of Venezuelan humor.

During his time at Radio Rochela, he imitated with great success singers of the stature of Felipe Pirela and José Feliciano, who because of his extraordinary talent imitating him asked to meet him in person.

He also imitated important politicians of the time, personifying Piñerúa; Carlos Andrés Pérez and Gonzalo Barrios, among others.

His long career at the University of Humor, Radio Rochela, made the actor an integral comedian.

He also imitated almost perfectly the sports commentator Carlitos González.

Not only did he participate in Radio Rochela, he also took part in the comedy series Federrico, together with Carlos Villagrán. Here he played the role of Yoyo, the poor, homeless boy who emulated the famous El Chavo del Ocho.[2]


At an early age he moved to the city of Caracas and started working in a pharmacy, where he acquired a lot of knowledge in the area. He made his artistic debut in a contest for an imitation program on Radio Caracas Television ( RCTV), with the character of Rolando La Serie, where he was the winner. From that moment on, he visualized his future in acting and the humorous medium.

He died on August 17, 2010 at about midnight in the Military Hospital of Caracas, after a long battle with the diabetic with which he had been fighting for several years, as his son made known through social networks.

He was 60 years old at the time of his death.



Gregorita is without doubt one of the characters that most marked Torrealba's artistic career.

Gregorita is a bitter, fighting, euphoric and depressive woman, although in spite of all this she is a good-hearted, friendly and emotional person; Gregorita has a very rough way of speaking that highlights her lack of education and marginality, pronouncing the letter "L" instead of the "R" in her pronounced prayers, to this is added the fact that she constantly complains about the low conditions in which she lives because of what she argues with her husband Rosendo, who is an alcoholic and a womanizer, Gregorita always argues with him because of the infidelities and bad actions that he commits.


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