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HireVibes (ticker symbol: HVT) is a decentralized jobs platform that incentivizes people to crowd-source candidates for jobs positions. It was built and operates as a decentrilized application on top of EOS blockchain. It is the flagship project of EOSVibes.[4]


HireVibes aims to disrupt traditional Human Resources (HR) and recruiting.

It operates as a decentralized community-run autonomous organization.


The project incentivises the public crowd to source suitable candidates for job openings worldwide by sharing a 5% reward in HireVibes tokens (HVT) for applying directly or referring candidates to job openings successfully.

[4] The reward amount will be calculated as a percentage of the rate or salary of the job fill in question.

[6] This reward will also include a fund for donating to qualified Humanitarian and Environmental initiatives of the new hiresโ€™ choice, creating a positive and rewarding user experience.



It was founded by Daniel Dunne and Daniel Beere in early 2018. [7]

  • HireVibes[1] on twitter

  • HireVibes[11] on Youtube

  • HireVibes[12]

  • on Telegram


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