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Hilda Elvira Carrero de Abreu

Hilda Elvira Carrero de Abreu

Hilda Elvira Carrero de Abreu (Caracas, Venezuela December 26, 1951 - Caracas, Venezuela January 28, 2002) was a Venezuelan actress of the popular television novels of the 1980s, such as Las Amazonas (The Amazons), El sol sale para todos (The sun rises for all), La heredera (Venezuelan telenovela) (The heiress), La Venganza (Vengeance) and Julia, among others.


In 1973, the Miss Venezuela organization invited her to participate in the beauty pageant, representing the Táchira state. She won fourth place, which allowed her to represent Venezuela in the Miss International contest in Japan, where she was among the 15 most beautiful women in the world. She also participated in the International Coffee Reign in 1974, in which she was the first finalist. She studied at the University of Santa Marta, where he obtained a degree in Business Administration, then entered the world of entertainment.

She debuted as an actress in the Patrol 88 program of Venezolana de Televisión in 1975. Then she joined the ranks of Radio Caracas Televisión performing small roles as a dramatic actress. That same year he joined Venevisión to represent a co-star alongside actor Alberto Marín in the soap opera Emilia (1979), starring Elluz Peraza and Eduardo Serrano. She became popular with the phrase "My puchi", a term with which she referred in the soap opera plot to the man she loved. Her first protagonist was in the soap opera Migaja in that same year. For more than 10 years she formed a television couple with the actor Eduardo Serrano (actor), achieving high levels of audience.


  • In 1985 the actress met the Portuguese-Venezuelan businessman Juan Fernández, with whom she would later marry.

  • She, at the height of her artistic career, decides to abandon her profession and devote herself to life in marriage.

  • They had two children, Joao and Johana Fatima.

  • In 1991 I ventured into animation, specifically on the Televen channel where he would conduct the program La Noche Musical.

  • In 1997 she was diagnosed with cancer.

  • She died on Monday, January 28, 2002 at 9:00 in the morning at the La Floresta clinic at 50 years of age.

  • Her last wish was that the news of her death should be made known to the media after the act of burial.

  • Regret took possession of the artistic environment after the death was known.

  • Her remains rest in the cemetery of La Guairita in the eastern part of Caracas, Venezuela.


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