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High Sierra

High Sierra

High Sierra is American active lifestyle and outdoor company that designs feature-rich, versatile adventure gear for over 30 years.

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Founded in 1978, High Sierra® Sport Company has been committed to producing thoughtfully innovative bags and luggage that appeal to the intelligence and esteem of the active lifestyle and outdoor consumer.

High Sierra manufactures an array of day packs, backpacks, and luggage in a variety of styles while offering the comfort for everyday use.

Designed to meet the rigorous lifestyle of an outdoor enthusiast and the demand for quality from a professional business person, High Sierra stresses top-notch craftsmanship in all bags produced while proudly sporting the High Sierra name.

All High Sierra backpacks, duffels, and luggage pieces boast an incredible amount of features and organization so that you get your money's worth with each purchase.

From traditional backpacks with ultra padded shoulder straps that feature a retractable pull handle and inline wheels to versatile wheeled duffels that are perfect for weekend getaways or hauling your gym gear to and from.

High Sierra even features a vast selection of business cases, totes, uprights, and daypacks that are all designed to keep your daily business needs neatly organized and close at hand in a durable and stylish bag or case.

Since their founding, High Sierra styles have changed, but their commitment to building the best and most affordable gear has remained consistent.

With their streamlined designs and ultra comfort features, High Sierra bags and luggage are sure to get you from point A to point B with ease.

Tackle your next mountain or conquer your next meeting with confidence.

Achieve success with High Sierra.


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