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Heron Preston

Heron Preston

Heron Preston is an artist, creative director, content creator, clothing designer and D.J, who is considered to be a cultural icon in youth culture. He is based in New York City. [1] Preston has worked with well-known brands, artists, and organizations such as Nike, Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, the New York City Sanitation Department, and NASA.

Early Life and Education

Preston is originally from San Francisco and attended New Technology High School. [1] He would graduate from the Parsons School of Design with a Bachelor's of Arts.



Heron Preston pictured from a New York Magazine write-up in 2009

Heron Preston pictured from a New York Magazine write-up in 2009

Preston's big break can when Al Moran, a founder of the art and space publishing company OHWOW, discovered Mr. Preston’s blog, which featured candid shots of cool kids on street corners, and offered him the chance to make a coffee table book out of it.

In 2009, he received an opportunity from Nike to be an envoy to the fashion and nightlife crowd in New York City.

Preston called the position being hired to be "Mr. New York."

He has since gone global, helping Nike to establish street cred in places like London, with a weeklong music and art festival in Shoreditch.


Preston help launched the men's streetwear brand BEEN TRILL which he co-founded alongside Matthew Williams, Virgil Abloh, Justin Saunders, and YWP.

BEEN STILL started to gain a following through it's content on their Tumblr page and would release mixtapes, host parties, and design in-demand street fashion items. It has since been affiliated with other well-established imprints such as Hood By Air and A.P.C., and artists such as Kanye West, ASAP Rocky and Rihanna.

HPC Trading Co.

Preston is the owner of the e-commerce platform HPC Trading Co., where he features and sells his original clothes and accessories.

He has been called the first "Instagram-First" Fashion Designer by GQ Magazine.


Preston wearing his collaboration with NASA

Preston wearing his collaboration with NASA

Preston collaborated with the New York City Sanitation Department on a series of zero waste themed clothes and accessories called UNIFORM. He has been the creative consultant to Kanye West, most notably on his work for The Life of Pablo and the Yeezy fashion label.

Since at least 2013, Preston has wanted to collaborate with NASA calling it his "dream collaboration." His goal was realized when in July 2018, Preston officially launched his collaboration with NASA with a range comprised of co-branded jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers and accessories. To promote the capsule, Preston and producer David Laven premiered "Above the Clouds," a short film that captures Preston sending some of the new NASA logo-emblazoned apparel on a weather balloon-lofted flight to 32 miles (50 kilometers) above Earth.


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