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Herman Flesvig

Herman Flesvig

Herman Flesvig (born 13th of March[4] 1992) is a Norwegian comedian, actor and social media influencer. He's most famous for his collaborating acts with Robert Stoltenberg on the norwegian national TV channel NRK in several comedy shows and sketches.


Herman Flesvig started his career studying film and TV at Westerdals ACT(Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology)[2], where he and three of his friends from the same school created what they called "Ledelsen".

A comedy collective.

In 2016, he founded the music duo Læx & Ludo with Jon Sindre Fjellvang.

The same year, he gathered a lot of fans through his Instagram profile where he was making parodic impressions of famous people like Aksel Hennie and Anna Rasmussen, among others.[3] By the fall of 2016 he had gathered more than 30 000 followers. In 2019, this number rose to above 350 000.

In the winter of 2019-2020 he's back on screen in two comedy shows on NRK: "Førstegangstjenesten", and "Allerud VGS".


He was born in Siggerud, a village in the municipality of Ski, Norway.


In 2018, Herman Flesvig was a voice actor of a danish animated movie, dubbed in Norwegian named Rutete Ninja(Origininally Ternet Ninja), where he played all, but one of the 113 different voices.[1]

If trapped in an elevator and had to choose one person to be trapped in it with, he would've chosen Jim Carrey.[5]


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