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Henry Ike is a retired real estate mogul, investor, musician and author based in Manhattan, New York. [4]


Early Life

Ike was born in Nigeria​ and lived in impoverished conditions with his parents and his sister, Jane. When his sister was diagnosed with a life-threatening rare disease, his parents attained a U.S. medical visa to receive the proper care. Henry and his family settled in a five hundred and fifty square foot rodent infested apartment in Queens ​. Henry wanted to help his family financially but recognised the pitfalls of selling illegal drugs on the street. Instead, he became a salesman at a department store and became one of the top employees. [5]


Henry standing next to his Bentley

When Henry turned 18, he acquired his real estate license. He would work in the field while attaining his B.A. in politics and economics from the State University of New York ​ and Master's Degree in Political Science and Government from St. John's University . [3] ​ He started his real estate career as CEO of CITI Development in 2001. Three years later, he became President and CEO of the Circle Group & Company. [3]


Ike found success in real estate and was able to help his parents financially while living comfortable. He indulged in a life of wild parties, beautiful women, and drugs. Henry's lifestyle eventually got the best of him, and after a several bad business ventures, one caught the attention of the FBI. An investigation was launched into Henry's activities which resulted in a costly legal battle and prison time. Another bad investment costed Henry his fortune, causing him to fall into a deep depression and have suicidal thoughts. [5]

Henry would learn from his mistakes and bad dealings to reinvent himself as a successful real estate developer. Regaining his wealth, Ike decided to give back to the community and launched community outreach programs that teach people who are less fortunate financial literacy and basic business skills. [3] ​ Ike plans to connect with audiences through motivational speaking and real estate coaching. In 2017, Zarrar Sheikh wrote a biography detailing his life story called Rising Above: Struggling Through Chaos, The Henry Ike Story. [5]

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