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Helpr is marketplace for screened and curated babysitters in the Los Angeles area. The founders are Kasey Edwards and Becka Klauber Richter. [2]

Helpr is used by many startups to offer free or subsidized childcare as a benefit to employees. [5]


In 2007, while Kasey Edwards and Becka Klauber Richter were studying at University of California, Santa Barbara they started a nanny agency called University Sitters. [7] The company matches screen child care providers in California, particularly those are either attending college or recently graduated, with families in need of helpers. [9]

When they realized there was a huge demand for babysitters, they scaled their businesses by creating a technological platform and leveraged it for parents to make it more accessible. [7]

How Helpr Works


To use Helpr, parents need to:

  1. Download the app and insert all their needed family information.
  2. Book an appointment (whether it is on-demand or in advance)

Once the job request has been put through, the Helpr app connects you with a babysitter; the parent sees the sitter's profile, her photo, and a video. If it is not a great fit for the parent, they can always cancel and re-book. [7]

Every time a parent books a request, a past sitter will be requested first so that there is consistency and rapport between the two parties. [7]


For babysitters, it was required for people to have an in-person interview. They will then follow up with background checks, CPR certifications, and they will check their references. [7]

Helpr looks specifically for potential role models with bright futures, good communication skills, and interacts well with children. [7]


Each babysitter gets charged at least $21 per hour for one child; the rates go up by an additional dollar for every additional hour. If parents book within 8 hours of the start time, there is a 15% premium. [7]

Rates also vary based on location. [10]


Helpr is currently based in Los Angeles. They also offer their services in Santa Barbara, Orange County, and the San Francisco Bay Area. [10]

They will be offering the app in Chicago, New York City, Boston, and Seattle soon. [10]

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