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Hellper 2

Hellper 2

Hellper (Hangul: 헬퍼) is a South Korean cartoonof the webtoon by Zac (Hangul: 삭), which is serialized on Naver's Webtoons. The work is a sophisticated painting of the bizarre story of Jang Kwang-nam (Hangul: 장광남) who met the other world through a clear contrast between black and white. The hot message that emphasizes friendship, loyalty, and humanity among friends stimulates the reader's attention with unique drawings. [0]


Kwang-nam travels to the Blackhorn mountains trying to recover from the damage caused by the injections. After falling asleep there, Kwang-nam (Hangul: 광남) dreams of having an unidentified boy appear to him. After opening his eyes, in a sense of uneasiness he finds his bracelet broken. Moreover, the local people have not been able to avoid the attack of a maniac. On the other hand, while Kwang-nam (Hangul: 광남) is agitating in the other world, all traces of him gradually disappear. The fate of the disoriented group of Kilveros (Hangul: 킬베로스) gradually falls into the mire, even as the group protested against the man in the middle of the battle, the Kilveros dwindle away even more.


Citation Linkcomic.naver.comwebsite
Nov 11, 2018, 10:47 AM