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Helen Brooks

Helen Brooks

Helen "Sweetie" Brooks (1909 - 2016) is considered the Golden State Warriors oldest fan. She gained notoriety after the San Jose Mercury News wrote a story about her decades-long dedication as a fan who was in jubilation after the team won the NBA Championship in 2015. [4]


Sweetie was born in Ennis, Texas in 1909. In 1939, she and her husband, Clifford Brooks, married. For decades they were strong supporters of the Golden State Warriors and watched games. After his death in 1999, Sweetie continued to watch the games as she felt closer to him and his spirit. They were married for 60 years. [1]

She survived her sons Toney, 77, and Frank Knight, 82.


Sweetie lived in Hayward, California for most of her life until she moved into a care facility after she had broken her tibia. [1]

Golden State Warriors

Sweetie used to say that the reason she lived so long was because it was her destiny to be the oldest Golden State Warriors fan.

She would often yell at the Tv by instructing the players what to do for fun, as a way to express herself while watching games. [3]

She was so beloved by the Warriors community that she was invited to watch the team play at their home court in Oakland, California. She saw the game from a suite in Oracle Arena. After the game, Steve Kerr gave her a shoutout on TV. [0]

On Thursday, December 22nd, 2016, Steve Kerr once again gave a shoutout to Sweetie and paid homage to her on the day that she passed away.

Kerr stated: "She took great joy in our team over the years and especially when we won the championship a couple years ago, she was really happy...

We wanted to send along our condolences to her family."



Her daughter Lily Toney said her mother was a positive person who cracked subtle jokes and didn't let the little things in life bother her.

Toney gave no cause of death for Brooks other than old age.



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