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HeheStreams [1] is a sports media content service based out of Saint Petersburg, Russia.


HeheStreams was devised during February 2016 after the BallStreams cash-grab and RawStreams' inability to scale and later closure.

Originally targeting NBA content, HeheStreams operated on a donation model from its inception until April 5 that year, when it went to a "name a price within reason" structure.


The idea of HeheStreams was to provide solely NBA content for the remainder of the 2016 season, despite requests and validation from the community.

In early June, HeheStreams announced it would be back for another season.

In July 2016, HeheStreams announced MLB support, which was previously deemed as “impossible” by the founder.

In November of 2016, NHL support would also be added, making all four US major professional sports leagues accessible via the HeheStreams platform.

Comparison to Official Services

HeheStreams has received overwhelmingly positive reception from its user base from the start.

Its users regularly cite that HeheStreams is “better than [NBA League Pass] in terms of quality, support, and price”[0], “superior product than official NBA app”[0], and, “good and personal communication from developer.”

HeheStreams offers content in qualities anywhere from 720p60fps to 240p for mobile devices.

Unlike official services, HeheStreams does not require flash to be installed, which allows for full cross-platform functionality without the need of a third-party service app.

It also offers full DVR functionality, native Chromecast support, a Kodi app, and archived games for every sport it covers.

Social Good

Shamelessly inspired by NBACares, HeheStreams offers a HeheCares [2] program, where HeheStreams is available at a discounted rate or at no cost to those who qualify.

Individuals who may qualify for the program include students, resisdents of developing nations, would otherwise incur financial distress if subscribing at the current rate


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