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Hedy Goldsmith

Hedy Goldsmith

Acclaimed pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith creates desserts with simple, straightforward flavors presented in interesting combinations, particularly highlighting the balance between savory and sweet, drawing from a rich assortment of ingredients including local fruits and herbs and unexpected techniques like roasting and smoking. Her signature sweets include "popcorn and peanuts" a milk chocolate candy bar with buttered popcorn gelato, smoked bittersweet chocolate cream pie with roasted white chocolate crumbles and a warm banana toffee panini served with a salted caramel ice cream sundae. Hedy draws on childhood inspirations for some of her most popular items including treats such as a house- made take on Cracker Jacks, Nutter Butters, Oreo's, smoked bacon candy and her now-legendary homemade Pop-Tarts. [1]


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