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Heather Schmelzlen

Heather Schmelzlen

Heather Schmelzlen is a social media expert based out of Brooklyn, New York City.

Schmelzlen is currently a Social Media Specialist at The Washington Post.

She previously worked in social media for MailOnline and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Heather Schemelzlen graduated from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in 2011.

While Schemelzlen was studying at Penn State she was involved in, The Daily Collegian, the university's student newspaper .



Since March 2015, Heather Schemelzlen has been a Social Media Specialist for WP Brand Studio, the multimedia advertisingdivision of the The Washington Post.

She is based out of New York City.

[0] [6]Schemelzlen previously worked as a United States Social Media Editor for MailOnline in New York City from 2013-2015.

[0] [3] From 2011-2013, Schemelzlen worked for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania .

She first worked as a Page Designer before being promoted to Social Media Content Editor.

[0] [3]In the summer of 2011, Schemelzlen worked as a Design Intern at the The New York Times Editing Center in Gainesville, Florida.

[0]From 2007-2011, while studying at Penn State, Schemelzlen worked in various roles including Visual Editor, Metro Editor, Crime and Courts Reporter, and Greeks Reporter for The Daily Collegian, the university's student newspaper.

[0]In the summer of 2009, Schemelzlen worked as a News Reporting Intern for The Morning Call.



In September 2018, one of Schemelzlen's viral tweets, " its the weekend baby.

you know what that means.

its time to drink precisely one beer and write it on my calendar" was recognized by the The Huffington Post in their weekly list of "The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week (Sept. 22-28)".

Schemelzlen's tweet mocked the calendar alibi used by United States Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh to defend against an allegation of sexual assault brought by Palo Alto University professor, Christine Blasey Ford.

The tweet received over 20,000 retweets and 100,000 likes on Twitter.

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In 2018, WP Brand Studio was nominated for Webby Award for a multimedia advertising piece for Paramount Pictures.

Schemelzlen and three other WP Brand Studio team members worked on the piece titled "Truth to Power: The "Inconvenient" Voices taking on Climate Change" which used photo, video, and text to tell the story of the environmental movement.

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