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Heather Salines

Heather Salines

Heather Salines is a woman from Saugus, Massachusetts who has pleaded guilty to raping 14 year-old twin brothers - one of them was the boyfriend of her daughter.

At the time of the sexual encounters, the twins were 14 years old.

She is the mother of a son and daughter, and is now divorced from her husband.

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Her daughter's ex-boyfriend, and one of the twins who Salines engaged sexually several times has admitted that the experience made him suffer from depression and suicide as a result to the illicit tryst with Salines.

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She was arrested in March, 2014, when officials from Belmonte High School discovered that the twin who dated her daughter had been showing nude pictures of Salines to classmates.

She was questioned by authorities and admitted to several sexual encounters with the boy.

The boy also admitted to having sex with her several times.

Salines said she had met the boy two months before they became intimate, and he had told her about the personal turmoil he went through after losing his mother at such a young age.

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According to their testimonies, the two had sex in a car in the parking of a park on March 17th.

Days later, the boy booked a hotel room at the local DoubleTree as the threat of her daughter walking in on them was apparent.

Salines admits that the 15 year-old acted like a grown man, and the she lost herself.


New Allegations

Salines was arraigned for six counts of aggravated rape of a child, child enticement and dissemination of obscene matter to a child.

But on June, 2016, Salines was prepared to plead guilty to the charges new charges brought by Prosecutor Kate MacDougall, who alleged that a month before the mom raped her daughter’s boyfriend in February 2014, she raped his identical twin.


According to court papers, Salines raped the second boy at her home in February 2014, about a month before the initial alleged incident.

Prosecutors said Salines sent the boy explicit pictures of herself.


Salines plead not guilty to the new charges.

[5] The District attorney consented to permit the mother of two to remain free on the $7,500 cash bail she posted the previous year.



On September 12th, 2016, Salines pleaded guilty to two counts of child rape, two counts of child enticement, two counts of dissemination of obscene matter to a minor and one count of indecent assault and battery of a person over 14 years of age.


Salines will serve her four year sentence at MCI-Cedar Junction.

She will then serve three years probation and will have to register as a sex offender.



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