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Heather Jones

Heather Jones

Heather Jones was born in Brighton, England on 22nd March 1997.


In May 2016 Heather created her blog named ‘’Feminism is a Cult’’ where she documented her thoughts and experiences about third wave feminism.

In one of her early articles titled ‘’The Fear’’ she explained that she used to consider herself a feminist because she felt pressure from her peers and the media.

On August 4th 2019 the blog was re-named Generation Screwed.


The blog gained enough attention to be featured on Channel 4 News’ segment titled ‘’Britain’s Young Alt-Right’’ where she was highlighted as being part of the fast growing youth movement online, despite never stating that she aligns herself politically with that group.


Channel 4 News - ‘’Britain’s Alt-Right’’

Marie Claire magazine (UK) – ‘’Far Right Millennials are on the Rise…and Many of them are Women’’

The Telegraph – ‘’The Other Side of Snowflake Culture’’

The Daily Mail

BBC Three


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