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Heather Camisa

Heather Camisa

Heather Camisa was a 17-year-old from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. [2] [1]


Before the crash

Before the crash

During the early morning of July 25, 2017, Paige Nicole Smith was driving a Mitsubishi Outlander with Heather, Bianca Herwig, and Brookee Elizabeth. It was just before 1:00 a.m. that Paige crashed her car into a telephone pole and splitting it in the 5600 block of Library Road. [4] [2]

A Snapchat story appears to show the girls drinking alcohol in the car. Paige was pronounced dead at the scene. Heather and Bianca died later from their injuries while Brookee was listed as in critical condition. [4] [2]


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