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Heather Holst-Knudsen Stanton founded HatchPad in 2013.


Hatchpad is an inclusive professional networking and co-creation platform for young entrepreneurs, inventors and creators where they can โ€œhatchโ€ an idea and turn it into reality.

Hatchpad's mission is to break down all barriers young people face when they want to change the world.



Using Hatchpad, members can share and validate information and ideas, recommend products, tools and other resources, and make sustainable connections with innovative peers, companies, mentors and investors.

Students who are engaged in entrepreneurship, inventions and creative projects, whether as an academic interest or an actual startup endeavor, face significant barriers.

Those barriers include:

-Credibility due to age

-Finding mentors, coaches and partners and capital

-Connecting with like-minded peers

-Finding team members, resources

-Learning using video, online resources, anytime/anywhere


-Business Canvas Co-Creation Boards

-Network development, coaching and mentor matching

-Virtual and live events

-Crowdsourcing (information, teams, resources, customer feedback)

-Proprietary and Curated Content (video, blogs, podcasts, YouTube Show, events)


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