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Harriet Webb

Harriet Webb


Harriet Webb is a British actress born on the 22nd November 1986. She lives in London Borough of Hackney London. She has a blonde hair and has a height of about 5'5" (165cm). Her blue eyes have become a trademark for her as the standout whenever she is seen in a picture. Harriet is an actress, she is beautiful and very diversified in her acting career[1]. Harriet is known popularly for her role in the following movies:

  1. Edge of Heaven (2014)
  1. The Split (2018) and
  1. Pure (2019)


Harriet was born in Hackney London to her parents, the Webbs.

She is seen to be a very active personality in her growing up as a London kid. She is a very beautiful woman who is a little bit chubby, a very bright smile and dreamy blue eyes.[3]

Harriet had all her schooling in London. Her parents were quite liberal in terms of allowing her to follow her career in acting. She went to Central Film School in Hackney, London. While a lot younger, little Harriet intended to be an accountant. Her dream of being an accountant was inspired by the amount of money kept in the bank with her initial thought being all the money belongs to who count it. While growing up, Harriet was a victim of Bullying due to her body size, she grew up constantly being talked down about how she looks between her peers. This should be a drop down for her in terms of personality, bullying has a way of creating a void that most times leds to inferiority complex, Harriet never allowed that bother her, instead she always stood up to these bullies which in turn made her famous.[1]

Her history of Bullying grew into a helpful force which made her focus her acting career on spotlights that involve Inferiority complex. Harriet is seen acting in movies that talkes about topics such as Rape, Racism and Body shaming. Mind you, she is open to acting in different roles. She is active on social medias such as Instagram and Twitter with followers that amount to a little above 1000 in each site. [1]


Harriet Webb started her Career as an actress in the theatres, her skill set brough to a lot of people as direct Audience built her confidence and grew her way past her peers. She eventually went to the London Central Film School were she started her training as a full time actress.[6]


Harriet Webb arrives to shake up The Split in episode 3.

The Split continues to impress with Harriet Webb joining the mix.

It’s shaping up to be a terrific season of television, for those who are watching it weekly that is, as it’s also available on BBC iPlayer for those who prefer to Binge-watching. This exciting BBC One legal drama written and created by Abi Morgan first arrived on screens back in April 2018, confirming it as one to watch for years to come. A second season welcoming back Nicola Walker, Stephen Mangan, Annabel Scholey, Barry Atsma, Fiona Button into the lives of the characters they respectively play kickstarted on Tuesday, February 11th 2020. It’s been great to catch up with the hectic routine of Noble & Hale, especially with the likes of Doc Brown, Donna Air and Damien Molony making their presence known. But that’s not all, Harriet Webb also joins The Split cast for season 2. She first appears in episode 3 in the role of Theodora, which she set to reprise in two later episodes. Harriet is soon set to appear in a new original comedy series called Sandylands too.[7]

According to IMDb, she first appeared on screens in the 2008 TV movie Florence Nightingale (she played Music Hall Performer). The Split isn’t her first foray into television. Across her career, she has starred in such notable productions as Doctors (Meredith Garvey in 2009), Shameless (Receptionist), Drifters (Mason), Benidorm (Tracey), The Windsors (Emma), Plebs (Steffi), Pure (Alison) and Defending the Guilty (Hetty). However, her roles in White Gold (Maureen) with The Inbetweeners stars James Buckley and Joe Thomas, Edge of Heaven (Sunbed Tina) and Scarborough (Lisa Marie) were much more notable. It’s also definitely worth seeking out her ten-part TV show Waiting in which she stars alongside Ryan Sampson (The Frankenstein Chronicles). Check out this hilarious clip; https://youtu.be/cYEgDdikgBY [1]


Harriet is seen in her spare time traveling for Holiday or just basically on her own. She loves to see and go to new places, taste good food and in her spare time, she tours. She also loves snapping pictures, alot of her pictures on her socials are images of the sky or the Ocean. Seems that her favourite colour is blue. There are a bunch of great pictures to scroll through, including holiday snaps, red carpet glimpses and on-set videos etc.[9]


[6] Comined, Harriet Webb has been in over a 20 Film s (be it a television series or a movie).

I May Destroy You (2020)

The Split (2020)

Defending the Guilty (2019)

Pure (2019)

It's True, It's True, It's True: Artemisia on trial.


Sanylands (2020)

Scarborough (2019)

White Gold (2019)

Plebs (2018)

The Windsors (2017)

Benidorm (2015)

Drifters (2014)


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