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Harley Barber

Harley Barber

Harley Barber is a former student at the University of Alabama and is former sister at Alpha Phi. She came to media attention after videos of her repeating racial slurs surfaced on the internet. She is originally from Marlton, New Jersey.

In The Media

GIF of Harley saying racial slurs

GIF of Harley saying racial slurs

On Martin Luther King Day, Harley posted two videos on her Instagram @spookyslut_ where she says several profanities and racial slurs. In the first she is at a sink where she turns off the water, explaining, "We do not waste water...because of the poor people in Syria. We don't waste water. I love how I act like I love black people because I fucking hate niggers so that's really interesting but I just saved the fucking nigger by shutting that water off."

In the second video she responds to the backlash from her first video, saying that she has wanted to be in Alpha Phi her entire life and essentially doubled down on her slurs.

Barber is quoted saying "Nigger, nigger, nigger. I don't care if it's Martin Luther King Day. I'm in the south now (expletive) so everybody can fuck off. I'm from New Jersey so I can say nigger as much as I want."

Harley's videos received attention after the Twitter account Tabarius da Feminist tweeted the videos on his account, amounting thousands of retweets.

Harley has since been kicked out of the University of Alabama. She has since apologized for her statements saying I feel horrible... I feel so, so bad and I am so sorry."


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