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Hannah Polites

Hannah Polites

Hannah Polites is an Australian Instagram fitness model, lifestyle blogger, and midwife. She also owns a fashion label called Evaliah Grace, which is named after her daughter.

As of March 6, 2017, Hannah Polites'Instagram account has 1.4 million followers. [1] She started using the platform in 2012.


Hannah has always been interested in Health and fitness, but didn't start training hard until 2011 after being inspired by her brother Aaron. She took pilates, yōga, and cardio classes. She eventually got into weight lifting after her brother encouraged her to incorporate it into her training to get better results.

Personal Life

Hannah at Cinque Terre.

Hannah at Cinque Terre.

She was born in the city of Melbourne, Australia. She moved with her family to the Gold Coast when she was about 11 years old.

Her heritage is a mix of Greek and English.

She and her husband, Simon Kinecki, have a daughter named Evaliah in which during her pregnancy caused some stir due to her exercising routines while she was pregnant.

She also caused controversy for the way she was holding her baby as she took a selfie.

She often travels to exotic places to work and/or volunteer as a midwife (including Laos). She also goes on cruises in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United States of America.

Controversy around Hannah Polites' Pregnancy


In 2016, Hannah Polites received a lot of backlash during her pregnancy.

Early in her pregnancy, Polites received negative comments from her Instagram followers saying she was "too thin."

In August 2016, Hannah Polites gave birth to a baby girl: Evaliah Grace.

After giving birth, however, she posted a photo of herself two and a half weeks after giving birth.

After posting the photo on Instagram and being heavily criticized, primarily for the way she was holding her baby ("no neck support").

She responded to these comments with a post update:

"EDIT: Calm down people, I know how to hold my baby safely and have barely left her side for more than a couple of minutes since she was born.

You can bond with your child without needing to lose your identity.


Hannah Polites was wearing a gray dress when she took the infamous selfie, which was the same dress she wore before snapping a selfie during New Year's Eve 2015.


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