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Hank Siemers

Hank Siemers

Hank Siemers is an American executive at Tiffany & Co. He is the Vice president of global retail security based in New York, New York. [1]


Siemers attended St. John's University from 1981- 1985. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal justice. [1]


Prior to achieving the title of Vice President of Global Retail Security, he was a senior director of international security and trade enforcement for Tiffany & Co.

In 1995-1998, Siemers was a Regional Loss Prevention Manager at Barnes & Noble. previously, in 1992-1995, he served as a Corporate Loss Prevention Manager at Pergament Home Centers. In 1989-1992, he was a Regional Loss Prevention Investigator at Caldor.

Affair with Melania Trump

On June 1, 2017, novelist Monica Byrne, posted a series of tweets on Twitter, citing from an unknown source that Siemers has been in an affair with First Lady Melania Trump. Byrne did not name Hank Siemers specifically but did include a picture of him, which many others linked back to his work at Tiffany & Co.[11]


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