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Han Seung-yun

Han Seung-yun

Han Seung-Yun (한승윤) is a member of the boy band "Lunafly".


Interesting facts

-He really likes soccer but had to stop due to injury.

-Is said to be Lay’s from EXO doppleganger

-He wishes to one day collaborate with Maroon5

-His ideal date would be to eat steak and watch Michael Buble, then sing her a song playing guitar.

-If he could have a super poser it would be that he has wings so that during concerts he could fly up and everyone would see him

-His ideal type is someone laid back and shy

-After debuting he misses hanging out with his friends, watching concerts and going to the movie theater

-To relax he takes long hot showers.

-Sam thinks Yun is the most hardworking member but Yun thinks alongside Teo that its Sam

-Yun thinks of himself as the mum of the group but Teo and Sam think it is Teo

-Teo thinks Yun as the member who thinks he’s the most handsome.

Yun say’s its Teo

-Yun’s Korean name translates to; Rising Sun of Korea

-Yun can swim

-Yun got into Nega Network through Audition

-Yun prefers older girls as a girlfriend

-Yun is Often seen wearing a cross necklace

-Yun is the most emotional out of the members

-Yun likes girls who walk prettily

-Yun likes to play online games

-Yun Likes a girl who will wear red lipstick

-During Yun’s high school years he would often go to Hongdae and busk

-Yun calls his mother everyday and has said he has never lied to her

-Yun is known for having ‘Sausage Lips’

-Yun likes to drink ‘English Breakfast Tea Latte [2]


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