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Hale Bob

Hale Bob

Hale Bob has been dressing women in feminine, chic clothing and shoes for five years.

Like any young star, this fashion collection basks in the limelight.

Featuring shoes, shirts and dresses in creative prints, bright colors, rich silks and luscious velvets; Hale Bob clothing and Hale Bob shoes offer women the chance to shine as brightly as the comet for which the brand is loosely named.

“The woman who wears Hale Bob is secure enough to be noticed,” creator and owner Daniel Bohbot said.

“It’s a California lifestyle brand, very distinctive and sophisticated.”

A native of Morocco, Bohbot worked in the fashion industry for 20 years before establishing Hale Bob shoes and Hale Bob clothing in his home country, but he quickly moved the Hale Bob shoes and Hale Bob clothing to Los Angeles, a city he fell in love with while visiting the United States in 2001.

“Things moved very fast when I got here,” Bohbot said.

“All the young celebrities fell in love with Hale Bob.”

Hale Bob clothing and Hale Bob shoes fully embraces the fashion evolution throughout the last decade that has taken women from the more androgynous styles of the '90s to today’s ultrafeminine look.

About 95 percent of Hale Bob’s clothes are silk, including variations in Charmeuse, chiffon, and velvet burnout.

Several dresses and shirts are trimmed with lace.

Most fabrics are pre-washed for optimum fit and relaxed comfort, to create the feeling of a second skin.

Hale Bob sandals, and Hale Bob pumps have a flair for the feminine and romantic, combining bold pops of color and rich embellishments to create beautiful and dramatic looks.

Interesting use of silhouettes makes Hale Bob shoes real attention-grabbers, no matter what the setting.

Catering to the romantic and stylish at heart, Hale Bob shoes and Hale Bob sandals offer luscious designs, making footwear fun to wear again.

The Hale Bob girl enjoys wearing shoes that show off her playful and flirty side.

Elegance and uniqueness are what Hale Bob shoes are all about.


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