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Halden Zimmermann

Halden Zimmermann

Halden Zimmermann is a well-known business professional with over 20 years of high-level experience in a variety of roles.

As an engineer and as an expert in continuous improvement strategies, Halden has worked tirelessly to improve processes and systems for several multinational corporations.

Innovative sales techniques and industry best practices in marketing have earned him the recognition of his peers.

He is known for a savvy business sense and the ability to capitalize on emerging global markets by identifying needs for products and services, especially in the medical and technology fields.

He makes his home in the Chicago metropolitan area of Illinois.


Halden earned two bachelor’s degrees from Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York in 1997.

The first was in mechanical engineering and the second was in engineering and management.

The coursework and experiences he had as an undergraduate would form the foundation for his future successes; by understanding both the manufacturing and sales sides of company operations, he learned a unique skill set that would prove to be valuable as he entered the professional workforce.

He entered the University of Rochester as the youngest MBA scholar ever to be accepted by the school’s William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration.

He earned his MBA there in 2003.

Later, he trained extensively with business think tanks and professional organizations, earning several certifications that would help him as he worked with several major corporations.

He earned his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from the George Group, and a Continuous Improvement Champion certification from Accenture.

Both of these systems gave him powerful tools to improve manufacturing and sales processes at the companies he worked for, reducing overhead costs while improving the speed and efficiency of product development systems.

Work Experience

After graduating from Clarkson University, Halden went to work for the multinational automotive parts manufacturer Valeo, which is based in France.

He began as a manufacturing engineer, but it was quickly revealed that he understood process improvement strategies.

The company promoted him to plant operations manager, where he led the Lean Six Sigma team and improved quality of the company’s manufacturing operations.

Next, he went to work for the Rio Tinto Corporation in their plastics division, both in France and in their Chicago area operations center.

As the director of continuous improvement there, he spearheaded the company’s efforts to improve efficiency across its 14 manufacturing plants.

After a year in that role, he was promoted to the division’s Global Marketing Director.

His knack for identifying new markets helped increase the company’s penetration of several sectors, improving revenue.

Four years at Cardinal Health saw Halden apply his process engineering and marketing skills with equal measure; he began with the medical products division of the company as a dual-role Director of marketing and product development and quickly transitioned to Marketing and Pricing Strategy Director.

Here, he was responsible for the company’s $9 billion sales to hospitals and clinic operations around the world.

After moving on from Cardinal Health, Halden joined the team at the Danaher Corporation, specifically the company’s Leica Microsystems operation.

As the General Manager for the subsidiary, Halden managed a team of 150 sales professionals and service representatives.

He expanded the company’s market share dramatically, applying proven digital marketing techniques to bring in new revenue while reducing some of the overhead costs the company was saddled with.

Currently, Halden serves as President of Ametek, a motion control solutions business based in the United States but serving a global clientele of aerospace, medical, military, and automotive manufacturers.

The company’s broad lineup of engineering services, rotary switches and linear motion actuators can be found in a number of critical applications in many industries.

Halden oversees the company’s nine fabrication facilities and over 650 employees.

Hobbies and Pastimes

Halden is a passionate collector of fine timepieces, especially the Swiss marques like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega.

He has been collecting watches and fine timepieces for many years and has amassed an impressive collection.

He is also an avid reader, especially of science fiction novels.

He favors time travel stories, space exploration, and alternative histories.

His recent reading interests revolve around the complex “cyberpunk” subgenre created by William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and other writers.

Finally, he restores classic cars, a love of which he developed as a young boy traveling to car shows with his parents.

While his specific interest is in full frame-off restorations to factory-new condition, he has worked with clients in hotrodding and resto-mods as well.

Additional Information

In his spare time, he is a writer and a blogger.

Articles and whitepapers on disruptive innovation, continuous improvement, and leadership have appeared in several prominent business publications, including Bloomberg News, Morningstar, and Huffington Post [27]. He has also blogged extensively over the past several years on business developments and related news. While blogging, he had discovered that he had developed a fervent and active readership, and he watched his blogs grow from a private hobby to one generating reliable income streams. This gave him the idea for his first book, entitled Halden Zimmermann’s Guide to High Impact Blogs for Life Changing Incom e. In the book, he shares information for amateur bloggers and seasoned professionals alike, helping them to monetize their blogs without a huge time commitment. In fact, his “high impact” blogging model requires expenditures of time during the planning and launch phases only. His guide has helped thousands of bloggers see steady income from their writing efforts.

Halden holds a patent on a value-added pharmaceutical and medical product delivery system.

His patent was issued in May, 2011.



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