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Gurman Singh

Gurman Singh

Gurman Singh is an Indian YouTuber, blogger, and Internet personality. Best known for his technology focused website, The Extent. [1] He is a C.E.O and Founder at Extent Media which is having around 5.5 Million+ new users on a monthly basis. Most of the Gurman's content is focused on Technology. On YouTube, he uploads technology videos of varied types, like unboxings, Reviews, etc.

On July 20, 2017, Extent Media is regarded as the best startup media companies ever made.

Making Gurman one of the best bloggers on the planet.

Professional Life

YouTube Life

On YouTube, Gurman is uploading since 2013. As per his statement, he left YouTube after uploading 3 videos and came back when he got 3,000 views on one of his videos. He says his first videos were Screencast where he would just post an image and talk over it, then he responded to his viewers interests. His first 100 videos are just software and hardware tutorials. Then he was approached by the companies to get their products reviewed. However, he only uploaded according to his viewers' interests. He is noted for responding to viewers' feedback about what questions they have, and features they want explained, as well as demonstrating a "deep knowledge of the products he discusses, and his understanding of what his audience wants to learn".

Gurman took YouTube as a hobby in 2014 and he uploaded videos unaware of the Google AdSense. His first 95 videos were not monetized.

The Extent

However, as he is having a blogging spirit, he first made The Extent, a technology website on June 16, 2017.

However, he always wanted to expand by making more websites like Photography, stock media etc. However, making and managing different websites is a difficult task but then he decided of making these websites by placing all the sites at a single place.

Where Extent Media took place.

Extent Media

Extent Media is the managing website of all other websites made by Gurman and his partners.

The idea of this media website, came in the mind of Gurman and was implemented on spot without any delays.

The website stayed in Beta testing for many days, but was fixed later on.

9To5 YouTube

9To5 YouTube is a new add-on to the list of websites operated by Extent Media.

Until now, the website is in Beta Testing.

The website is for those who are looking our for some help starting their YouTube career.

Personal Life

Gurman grew up in Jammu and Kashmir, India. He is currently in attending Heritage School. He is in Tenth Standard right now. Other than producing content, he plays Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton and Football as his hobbies. But plays Cricket for his school team. Being a tech enthusiast, he is having a large number of smartphones which are reviewed by him on his channel.


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