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Guardians of all Voiceless

Guardians of all Voiceless

**Guardians of all Voiceless (Animal and Children) (GOAV)******is a non-profit charitable organization based in Rockville, Maryland. The base of operation of GOAV is in Patiala, Punjab, India. It was founded By Luz MaríaGómez Güémez (President) and Pankaj Arora (Operations Field Director). The main purpose of this organization is to rescue stray animals that are injured and providing them with temporary shelter while recovering. We act as the facilitators who look for compassionate guardians to match with these needy lives. We rely on donor funding and human resources to improve the lives of helpless animals. [1]


Guardians of all Voiceless was founded with the goal of creating social awareness about the significance of empathy for all living beings.

It works towards these goals by involving the community in caring for the voiceless of the society - children and animals.

The well trained and equipped team of GOAV responds to the emergency calls on abused and wounded animals.

The organization relies on donor funding from individuals belonging to different countries for financial aid


GOAV works to improve social awareness by offering education for the right treatment of animals, care and control, evoking empathy and respect towards all living creatures.

They respond to the distress calls made by the community members regarding the wounded street animals.

The team members reach the location and treating the animal on the spot.

If the animal is in serious condition, it is taken to a temporary shelter.

After the animal heals and is sterilized, GOAV tries to get the animal adopted using various social media platforms and international links.

as of now, GOAV Adoption Program has successfully transported dogs and cats all over the world.

They receive financial aid from countries such as The United States of America, Mexico, France, UK, Germany, Australia, India, and many more countries.

So far, they have helped thousands of injured animals get adopted in homes around the world including India.



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