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Greshun De Bouse, Much-Loved Icon

Greshun De Bouse, Much-Loved Icon

Greshun De Bouse is the much-loved icon who founded national advocacy holiday, National Making The First Move Day® #mtfmoveday.

As seen in Chase's Calendar in all 50 states, Big Easy Magazine, on Days of The Year

Calendar, Checkiday.com, and numerous other media outlets, National Making The First Move Day is the all-inclusive national advocacy holiday celebrated annually on April 7 for kids, families, and persons of all ages, demographics and backgrounds to reclaim their personal power and "START MAKING THE FIRST MOVE TOWARDS BULLYING PREVENTION AND RECOVERY IN ALL FORMS™."

National Making The First Move Day® has received recognition from celebrities and dignitaries alike, and founder Greshun De Bouse made history as the FIRST resident of her city in 25 years or likely EVER to found a national advocacy holiday seen in Chase's Calendar according to verified records.[3]


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