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Gregory Capps

Gregory Capps

Gregory Capps is a State trooper for the Connecticut State Police in the Hartford area. For decades, Greg has been a part of the New England community doing his service as the Director of Safety at the Western Massachusetts Hospital, Fire chief, and now a state trooper. [4]

Baby Delivery

On December 24th, 2016, Itohan Oyabure-Okafur and had entered labour, and with the help of her husband drove toward St. Francis hospital in their mini-van to give birth to her baby. Yet, the baby was already on the way sooner than the time it was scheduled, which was the 29th of December. The couple pulled over and dialed 911 for assistance as this was an emergency. [5]

Capps sat in his car responding to an emergency when he got the call of a pregnant woman who has gone into labour on Route 2 west near exit 7 in Glastonbury. He drove over to their location, pulled up to the mini-van, and witnessed a distraught driver, the husband. [6]

With his experience in EMT, Capps grabbed gloves, and tended to the mother. The State Trooper says the following about delivering the baby: "She pushed, and the baby crowned out... The cord was wrapped around his neck, but loose so I was able to get it slack and one shoulder and he shot out after that." Officer Capps delivered a healthy baby boy weighing at 6 pounds 2 ounces - he was named Ebenezer Okafur. [0]

The ambulance arrived shortly after the baby was born, and the mother was taken away along with her baby.

Capps said the baby began breathing on his own and is doing well at the hospital.



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