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Graydon Hoare

Graydon Hoare

Graydon Hoare is a software developer. [1] He is the creator of Rust (programming language) and Swift (programming language). [undefined]


Hoare started working on Rust in 2006 as a hobby and Mozilla where he was working took an interest. [undefined] They gave him a team of engineers and released the first version of it in 2010. [undefined] Rust is targeted for frustrated C++ developers. [undefined] The programming language won first place for "most loved programming language" in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey in 2016, 2017 and 2018. [undefined] [undefined] [undefined]

Hoare "burnt out" and stepped down as technical lead in 2013.

[undefined] He moved to working on lower-profile and less-time-sensitive projects such as a test-farm automation for Firefox-on-Android at first; later the wifi-and-cell geolocation service.

[undefined] He quit Mozilla and worked for the payment network, Stellar building a distributed transaction processor for a year and a half. [undefined] In early 2016, he received a call from Apple Inc to work on Swift (programming language). [undefined]


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