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Graham Bamford (protester)

Graham Bamford (protester)

Graham Bamford (1947/1948 - 1993) was British man who burned himself to death in front of House of Commons protesting British government inaction towards War in Bosnia.

Bamford was former haulage contractor.

On April 16th 1993 in a Bosnian village of Ahmići unit of Bosnian Croat militia Croatian Defence Council (HVO) massacred local Bosniak population. News of this event deeply affected Bamford, whose own daughter was the same age as one of the victims.

On April 29th 1993 he came in front of House of Commons, dousing himself with gasoline and lighting a match. He died in terrible agony.

He left a message saying:

The British must stop the war in Bosnia, even by force, if necessary.

The British army does not (only) have to be a guardian of honor at mass funerals.

Bosnian babies, children, and women are patiently waiting for the politicians to do what they know they need to do – acquire military protection.

They should not stand aside and calmly observe”.[3]

British quickly lost interest in the story and Bamford was nearly forgotten.

In Bosnia, however, especially in Bosniak circles, he was revered as friend and martyr and posthoumously received Sarajevo City Award.

In 1998 Croatian fillmaker Nenad Puhovski made documentary about Graham Bamford under title Graham and I - A True Story.


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