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Grae Riddle

Grae Riddle

Some of Grae's artwork

Some of Grae's artwork

Grae Riddle was an 18-year-old he resides in Morrilton, Arkansas. He is originally from Casper, Wyoming.

Life and Activities

Riddle was a senior student at Morrilton High School (Arkansas). Grae was a talented artist and would share his work on his Facebook. He states that art is an outlet for him when he was upset or depressed. Grae is remembered by his peers for his kindness, sense of humor, and intelligence. [1]


On March 27th, Riddle was walking to the bus stop on Highway 95 with headphones on and his head down when he was struck by a vehicle.

He was later pronounced dead by examiners.

His family insists that the incident was an accident.

A funeral is set to take place at Neal Bob & Son's Funeral Home on April 1st.



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