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Gloria Benavides

Gloria Benavides

Gloria Angélica Benavides Nicolás (b. Loncoche, April 5, 1948) is a Chilean actress, singer and Comedian.[1]


She was born in Loncoche in 1948, daughter of Juan Luis Benavides Oliva and Nieves Elena Nicolás Gacitúa.

At the age of three she was left in the care of a family near Valdivia, due to a serious illness of her Mother, which required treatment in Santiago, the capital of Chile. At the age of five she traveled alone to Santiago to be reunited with her mother.

At the age of fifteen she married another Chilean musical idol, Pat Henry, who was eight years older than her. They had begun their relationship during the tours of the radio program Discomania, and their relationship was widely publicized by the nascent press in the heart of those years. The couple had two Daughters, Cherie and Carol, and had a media breakup in 1968.[2]

Musical career

After her arrival in Santiago, Gloria Benavides, who was only 13 years old, recorded the song that would end up catapulting her to national fame, "la gotita", a composition by the outstanding radio host Francisco "Gabito" Hernandez, the song would quickly reach number 1 in the radio rankings of the time.

Songs like "Pequeño Amorcito" or "Prima o Poi" would further increase its popularity among the youth of the time.

By the end of the 60's, perhaps its best moment in the world of records would Come, the hits "Balapapa" and "Patati Patata" sounded strong on the radio, keeping it in the front row of the country's music Scene.

From 1970 her songs would change of focus, concentrating now in songs dedicated to the youthful Love, Scottie Scott - outstanding national composer - would be her main creative support, the hits "Porque no fui yo tu primer amor" "Princesita de luna" - of the composers J.C Gil and Carlos Alegria - "Los enamorados de siempre" and "Muchacho malo" positioned her as the most successful feminine artist of the moment, and habitual guest in the already consolidated Chilean Television.

Little by little she would move away from the musical spectrum to dedicate herself to conclude her studies and focus on more personal projects.[3]

As an actor

Among his most outstanding comic characters are "Gertrudis" (Jappening con ja), "La Tía Tute" and "La Cuatro Dientes". In 1985, she participated and hosted the starring role in "El show de Gloria" on Chilean National Television and a children's program called "Valle Alegría", which featured prestigious actors within its cast, such as Ramón Farías and Patricio Torres.

He was a regular comedian in the program Sábado Gigante Internacional produced by the Univision Network in Miami, United States, forming part of the last episode of the program on Saturday, September 19, 2015. His last project in Chile was the sitcom Vecinos al tres y al cuatro, broadcasted by Channel 13.

La cuatro dientes

"The Four Teeth", also known as "The Four" outside Chile, is the most famous humorous character performed by Gloria Benavides.

This character with blond hair, red miniskirt, polka-dot blouse, socks and clogs, was born in 1975 in the TV program Sabados gigantes, initially as the girlfriend of Mandolino.

However, the character became an independent and stable number in the program, since Don Francisco fitted as an excellent companion for Benavides' routines.1 This is how "La Cuatro Dientes" became popular, being invited several times to the Viña del Mar Song Festival.

The character of "La Cuatro" always had pretensions of courtship with the TV animators; in Sábado Gigante with "Don Francis" (Don Francisco) and in the Viña Festival with "Anthony" (Antonio Vodanovic), as she called them. Also classic is her interpretation of "La copucha" (copucha in Chile means Gossip), a song written by the late Chilean singer-songwriter Nicanor Molinare, in which she ironically wrote couplets about the national reality.

Due to the internationalization of the program Sábado gigante (transmitted from Miami, United States, by the Univision network), Benavides reached an audience of more than 80 million viewers.

Among the changes she had to make for the Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic public was to rename herself "La Cuatro".

Don Francisco himself stated that the change was a marketing issue, since one of the sponsors of the program was a toothpaste brand, and it did not seem appropriate to see a woman with only four teeth; since that day "La Cuatro" shows all her teeth However, in Chile, since 1986, the brand "Cuatro Dientes" has been registered by Gloria Benavides.

In 2006, "La Cuatro" won the "Best Humoristic Character Award" in the history of Chile in the program Chile elige (TVN), which took place within the framework of Chile's Bicentennial.


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