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Glo Stallworth

Glo Stallworth

Ashley Tchenavia Stallworth (aka Glo Stallworth and "Mama Glo" on Facebook) is a mother from Fresno, Texas, a Houston suburb where she loves with her mom Gloria, brother Timothy and her children. She uploaded a video on Facebook in November 2016 when she kicked her 8-year-old son, Elwood, out of the house when he voted for Donald Trump in his class's mock election.

Details of the Incident

The video starts off with Stallworth telling her son, "'Since you voted for Donald Trump.

You can get your shit and get out."

She had packed his belongings in a suitcase and told him to get out.

After the son screamed in horror pleading for his mother to reconsider, she gave him a cardboard sign saying, "My mom kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump."

His little brother was there, as well.

The video she uploaded went viral, receiving millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares.

Over 1,000 called the Houston Police Department once they saw it.

Fort Bend County's Sheriff Troy Nehls responded with a Facebook post with the following:

"My office is certainly aware of the very disturbing video of a child being berated simply because he voted for Trump in a mock election at school.

As a parent, I find the video appalling.

As your Sheriff, I have ensured the child is safe.

Detectives visited with him last night.

My office, CPS, the DA's Office, and FBISD PD are all working together to ensure he remains safe.

This is an active investigation so we will not comment further on it.

We all agree the video is absolutely disgusting and that child should not have been subjected to such awful behavior by his Mother."


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