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Glenda Bautista

Glenda Bautista

Glenda Bautista is a Product Leader and Solutions architect with 19 years of experience in ad technologies. [3]


Currently Glenda works as a Senior Director in Ad Products at Hearst Publishing Company. [3]

Previously, in 2014-2016, she was a Director in Monetization, Advertising and Platform Products at iHeartMedia. [3]

Besides, in 2012-2014, Glenda served as a Director of Product development for Adprime Media, CoPromote and AOL. [3]

At MDC Partners' Varick Media Management, Glenda is the resident product champion and all-purpose troubleshooter, leading and managing the functionality design and development of the audience intelligence platform, and all its integrated, data-driven initiatives. Having spent the bulk of her career building an array of advertising products, goods, and services, Glenda has been a Technologist, innovating in Internet advertising methods, systems, and solutions. [3]

Prior to joining VMM, Glenda was Principal consultant of her own firm, 4Verse CG, based in San Francisco, specializing in advertising instrumentation and implementation strategy with both internet start-ups and web publishers - stemming from her professional expertise in architecting ad servers, networks, solutions architecture, and services for media, search, and internet companies such as The McClatchy Company, Healthline Networks, and Technorati. [3]

A native New Yorker, Glenda first got her start in the industry as a Sales engineer at DoubleClick, working with the implementation of customized sponsorship programs, Rich media, and display ads. Moving throughout the organization as a Designer and Developer for the web, emerging technologies, and products, her ideas bridged both the media network and technical solutions sides of DoubleClick’s business. Those creative executions have appeared on various sites owned by online media networks such as AOL Time-Warner, IAC, NBC Universal, Viacom, United Media, Expedia Media, Meredith Corporation, and Hearst corporation, as well as web properties such as Kelley Blue Book, NASDAQ, AltaVista, and Travelocity. As such, some of her Intellectual property in online advertising, sans patents (which she attributes to being young and dumb), is currently held by an internet behemoth that begins with the letter G. [3]

Prior to that, in 1997-1998, she worked as a General manager at WCDB. [3] During 1996-1997, she was an Editorial Assistant at The Source. [3]


Glenda holds a B.A in English from the State University of New York at Albany, with a double minor in Journalism and Fine Arts. Someday she hopes to actually complete her dual MBA / M.S degree in Information Systems at Fordham Graduate School of Business, still in progress, part-time. [3]


During 2008-2009, Glenda served as a Member of Board of directors of Kearny Street Workshop. [3]

In 2006-2008, Glenda was a Co-director at Locus Arts.


Prior to that, in 1999-2000, she was a President at National Board of directors of Sigma Psi Zeta. [3]


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