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Glen R. Ramey

Glen R. Ramey

Glen R. Ramey is a resident of Olney, Illinois.

[0]He hails originally from Palestine, Illinois.

[2]Ramey is known to have mental problems.

[0]He had previously gotten into trouble in his neighborhood for punching a dog.


Glen smokes Pall Mall cigarettes and drinks Natural Light beer.

[-1]Glen is related to Patricia K Ramey.


Rape and Murder of Sabrina Stauffenberg

On November 27, 2016, Ramey was arrested for first degree murder and predatory sexual assault in the death of Sabrina Stauffenberg.

[0] [1]

Sabrina was snatched from her home as she waited for a ride to church.

[0]Her body was later found behind a vinegar plant on November 23, 2016.

[0] [1]

Ramey had been dating a relative of Sabrina's.

[0] [1]Some are speculating that he committed the crime as a jilted lover's act of revenge.


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