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Glen Grays

Glen Grays

Glen Grays is a 26 year old postal worker who was harrassed and arrested by police, without having committed a crime.

Grays claims that after nearly being run over in the street by plain clothes officers in an unmarked car, Grays shouted at them.

The officers stopped, backed up their car, all four climbed out, and they arrested him in broad daylight.

Witnesses recorded the arrest but not the original altercation on cell phones and posted the videos online.

At the station, the officers charged him with "Resisting arrest."

Brooklyn, New York.

Grays was doing his normal circuit in Crown Heights and takes time to get to know the people on his routes and accommodate those that are sick or elderly by delivering their mail directly to their door.

While exiting his mail truck backwards, in order to reduce stress on his knees, he saw a car take a quick turn onto the street.

He yelled at them and then the car backed up and said "We have the right of way because we are law enforcement."

The undercover cops proceeded to grab, arrest, yell at, and search Grays's body.

"I have been to more funerals than graduations" -Glen Grays told The New York Times about why he was never tempted to join criminal activities. Further Grays explained he had no animosity toward police as his Fiancé was a NYPD Officer. He was quoted as saying "I don't hate Police, I'm going to marry one" At this time the Brooklyn Borough President's office the Brooklyn District Attorney and the NYPD Internal Affairs Unit are looking into the allegations that the police officers and the Lieutenant involved in making this arrest concocted the charges and if there was a racial motivation involved in it.


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