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Giovanni Nin

Giovanni Nin

Giovanni Nin was a 19 year old from Bronx, New York who worked at a Fedex Shipping Center in the Castle Hill neighborhood of the Bronx.


On Saturday June 11, 2016 at about 12:40 a.m Nin was killed in a hit and run while riding to his girlfriend's apartment in the Bronx.

A witness, said the driver was in a silver BMW X5 and peeled out leaving Nin for dead after hitting him near the intersection of E. Tremont Ave. near Mayflower Ave.

William Rodriguez, Nin's friend said “He was a great guy, just a great guy, very humble, just worked 9 to 5, came home, supported his family, hung out with his friends."

Nin's supervisor at Fedex, Jeffery Rodriguez said “He was an employee but I treated him like a son,” and that “He would do anything for anybody. He’s the hardest worker I’d ever known.”

A Go Fund Me page was made to raise money for Giovanni Nin's funeral.


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