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Ginger Gorman

Ginger Gorman

Claire ‘Ginger’ Gorman is an Social justice journalist who has had a very extensive and successful career in many fields of media. Gorman has worked for a number of radio stations, and has had freelance works published both online(digital) and in print.


Gorman has resides and worked around the world, including Pakistan, England, Thailand, Germany, and the Netherlands, but has always called Canberra, Australia her home. Known for her fearless pieces on various social justice topics, Gorman has reported on many intriguing issues over the course of her 15-year career in media, and continues to write stories for various media outlets, including Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Age, news.com.au, Mamamia, and HerCanberra.

Some of Gorman’s most well-known stories include the live recording of plastic surgery, letting listeners hear herself being chased by a police dog, an award-winning series on death that included seeing a body being prepared in a mortuary and another being burnt in a crematorium, as well as speaking to an inmate upon his imminent release from Canberra's jail after serving a 12-year sentence for his part in another man's death.

Perhaps Gorman’s most controversial story, however, was based on LGBT discrimination. In her 2010 report, Gorman interviewed a gay couple with an adopted Russian-born son, which was then published online. Two years after the publication, Gorman was devastated to find out that the couple she had interviewed had been arrested for Pedophilia. Many online trolls bashed her for previous article, however she stood her ground, expressed her mistakes, and even spoke on the topic of internet trolling in a TEDxCanberra presentation.


Gorman went to Narrabundah College in Australia, and completed both the HSC and the International Baccalaureate Diploma, started at the International School of Bangkok. Following this, Gorman went on to study journalism at RMIT in Melbourne.


In 2006, Gorman received a highly coveted World Press Institute Fellowship, being the first member of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to achieve this status in their 44-year history. Each year journalists from all over the world compete for the fellowships and 10 are selected to tour the United States and learn about US journalism and culture.

In 2007, Gorman received the Annette Taylor Award for Excellence in Journalism, as well as The National Press Club award for excellence in Health Journalism, for her interview series on organ donation.

Personal Life

Gorman is a survivor of thyroid cancer, which she was diagnosed with at the age of 30.

Without treatment Gorman was given 18 months to live, however due to the removal of her thyroid and radioactive iodine treatment she has made a full recovery.

Gorman has two daughters, Elsa and Kitty, and enjoys cooking, textiles, traveling, and reading.

After suffering from Postnatal depression following the birth of her first daughter, Gorman became an ambassador for PANDSI, Canberra’s perinatal depression support service. Gorman is also an ambassor for the Cancer Council Australia and Daffodil Day. Gorman is still a very active freelance journalist, based in Australia's Capital Territory.


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