Gideon Yapp

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Gideon Yapp is a resident of the city of Lancaster in the state of California. In late May 2017, he went into an uproar towards his Physics teacher, Franklin Hsu, at his school. The video has gone viral since the incident. [1]

Personal Life & Activities

Photo of Gideon riding with his Grandma.

Gideon was born and raised in California. He has a grandmother who he loves and parents that are strongly supportive of him and very loving. [2]

Gideon is known as being a loving guy at his High School. He is on the swimming team and is considered a great swimmer. [✔]

He has intents in joining the army. [✔]

High School Incident

Gideon Yapp (left) yelling at physics teacher Franklin Hsu (right).

On May 25, 2017, during the middle of a school day, there was a provocation between Gideon Yapp and his physics teacher Franklin Hsu. Both had stepped outside to talk when a student begins video recording them reentering the classroom. [5]

Gideon Yapp berates Franklin Hsu, curses at him, and follows him back to his seat. Yapp eventually walks towards the door to leave, but he picked up a garbage can and emptied the trash on the floor. In the final part of the video, Gideon can be heard referring to Hsu as a "N*****". [6]


The video of Gideon losing his temper and expressing his anger to the teacher has since gone viral. The video was first shared on Twitter by @harvill_morgan. [1] Users and people who know of Gideon began to disclose information about him and his personal life. One user suggested that people take to his grandmother's Facebook and let her know about her grandson's behavior. [7]

As of yet, it is unknown if Gideon has been expelled from the High School or if he faces disciplinary actions. [8]

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