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Giacomo Zucco

Giacomo Zucco

Giacomo Zucco is an Italian technology entrepreneur and Bitcoin advocate based in Milan.[undefined] [undefined] He launched a number of Bitcoi-related startups and is currently the CEO of BlockchainLabit.[undefined] He is a Bitcoin Maximalist.[undefined]

Early Life and Education

Zucco was born and raised in Italy. As a kid, he was in his early stages of being a libertarian political activist and would go on to debate on national television and write in Italian newspapers. Zucco would go on and attend the University of Milan where he earned a degree in theoretical physics in 2009.[undefined] [undefined]


For five years, Zucco was a technology consultant at Accenture. It was in 2012 that Zucco began to hear of Bitcoin from both privacy and cypherpunk circles as well gold-bug, Austrians, and sound money advocates. Then later that year, he read about Bitcoin being a "new cool payment technology" in the context of his work as a payment-focused technology consultant. After doing more research, Zucco installed a client on his corporate laptop and began mining Bitcoin, only to have security guys take it and wipe it because of the IRC connection. In 2013, his wife encouraged him to quit his job and go into working in Bitcoin full-time.[undefined]

Zucco went on the co-found a number of companies such as Now.Me,

Startercoins, and BitSource. He

was later CTO of VivEat, Head of Business Development at Greenaddress IT Limited, and Executive Director at FintechLabit.[undefined]

Zucco is a Partner in Bitcoin-related professional education and consulting at CoinCapital, a Partner/Co-Founder/Projects Manager at WMO GROUP, Co-Founder and Vice President at AssoB.IT,

and CEO of the blockchain consulting firm Blockchainlab.[undefined] He is focused on research, consultancy and education with for-profit companies Blockchainlab Switzerland and Bcademy as well as actively supporting several open source projects with non-profit initiatives BHB Network, RGB Protocol and TheB.[undefined][6] Notably, his RGB Project aims at the development of standards and best practices to issue, transmit and store "Bitcoin-based non-bitcoin assets".[6] The project is built on top of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.[7] In addition, Zucco is a freelance journalist at Liber@mente, Strade - II magazine, and II Fatto Quotidiano.[undefined]


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