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Ghost (Cryptocurrency)

Ghost (Cryptocurrency)

Ghost Cryptocurrency is a privacy focused cryptocurrency and decentralized payment network that is based on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm with incentivized operators. It was founded by John McAfee and launched on June 22, 2020. [13] [10] [11] [12]


Ghostcoin (GHOST) is a cryptocurrency.

Users are able to generate GHOST through the process of mining.

Ghostcoin has a current supply of 26,943,037.022.



In the beginning, 12 new GHOST tokens are minted each block (every 2 minutes).


6 GHOST are split between Ghost Veterans.

4 GHOST are split between stakers.

2 GHOST goes into a pool used for future GHOST development and growth.


GHOST transactions use a state of the art escrow pool to shield and erase the history of transactions. GHOST transactions are verified using zero-knowledge proofs. [13]

Ghost veterans

Users can help secure the GHOST network and earn a share of the transaction fees using the staking features for GHOST.

Becoming a Ghost Veteran requires at least 20,000 GHOST and is the best way to earn in the fees generated by the GHOST blockchain. [13] [15]

Ghost rewards

  • Staking GHOST allows users to share in the fees generated by the GHOST blockchain.

  • Staking has no minimum coin requirements.


On June 28, 2020, Ghost Coin announced via Twitter that it partnered with crypto payment system ivendPay to deploy the coin in over 60 vending machines around Hong Kong. [15]


Ghost coin received criticism after it was accused of alleged plagiarism. The project is accused of allegedly copying and pasting from PIVX's white paper. [15]

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