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Germán Rojas (Actor)

Germán Rojas (Actor)

Germán Rojas is a Colombian actor who has participated in several productions both on stage and on television in his native country. He has been recognised for acting in several soap operas such as Yo amo a Paquita Gallego, Pasión de Gavilanes and Te voy a querer. [1][2]

Life and career

He began his career in the theater, but became more prominent for his incursion into television, with minor roles.

He became better known for his participation in Yo amo a Paquita Gallego, where he played Ramón Noriega.

He also participated in the telenovela La Venganza for RTI-Telemundo, where he played Leonardo, and where he was able to reach international audiences. One of his most remembered roles is that of Bernardo Elizondo in the successful soap opera Pasión de Gavilanes. He has subsequently continued to perform on television and in the theatre in Colombia, but has also had incursions into sporadic international roles.


  • The End of Paradise (2019) as Martin Acevedo

  • The heart of the ocean (2014)

  • The White Route (2012) as Clement

  • Wild Flower (2011) as Governor

  • The Betrayal (2008) as Lucas de Obregón

  • The Fox: the sword and the rose (2007) like Jonah

  • For Love of Gloria (2005) as General Tito Gómez

  • I'll Teach You to Love (2004) as Mayor Vicente Santos Coronado

  • Passion of Sparrowhawks (2003) as Bernardo Elizondo

  • Revenge (2002) as Leonardo Michelotto

  • Desert Lovers (2001)

  • I love Paquita Gallego (1998) as Ramón Noriega

  • Only Love (1995)

  • If they leave us (1995) like Alberto

  • The still waters (1994) as Camilo Montero

  • Mrs. Isabel (1993) as Juan Camilo Loaiza

  • Chronicles of a Tragic Generation (1992) as Antonio Morales

  • Enigmas in the Ashes (1992)

  • Shadow of Your Shadow (1991) as Reinaldo

  • Corin Tellado (1991)

  • Pretty lady (1991)

  • Daniela (1989)

  • Leaves in the Wind (1988)

  • The Deaths of Others (1987)

  • Camila (1987) Main character

  • The Intruder (1986)

  • Extortion (1986)

  • The Ravens (1985-1986)

  • Atanasio Girardot (1984)


  • Musidramas

  • Threshold 7:30

  • Wishes

  • My neighborhood

  • Don't let it happen to you

  • Secret file

  • Hearts of Fire

  • Men's stories, just for women

  • That's life.


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