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George Beall (born November 25, 1996) is a consultant and student at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. [1]

Personal Life

Born on November 25, 1996 in Redlands, California, Beall grew up as the youngest of three brothers to a single mother, Kathleen Beall. [14] In his spare time Beall is a competitive golfer and fencer and enjoys horseback riding. [1]


George Beall was accepted to The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in order to study finance and recieved a scholarship from Goldman Sachs. After attending a speech by Peter Thiel and reading his book Zero to One, George decided to concentrate in Entrepreneurial Management instead. [✔]

Beall was hired by Professor Laura Huang, an MBA Management professor, to help her write a modern age textbook for entrepreneurship. Beall interviewed top entrepreneurs such as the founders of Robinhood and Vineyard Vines. [✔]

Beall ended up leaving Wharton in order to pursue an entrepreneurial venture, but later returned in the Fall of 2016. [1]


Beall is the great-grandson of Walter Lawrence Gill, who he states is his inspiration to be an entrepreneur. In April 2016 he invested in the virtual reality entertainment company, Waves Music. [1]

He is known for coining the term "Social Media Optimization" based on the fact that social media is responsible for driving more traffic to sites and brands than organic search and word-of-mouth. [28]

Touch Tiles

George left school to work on his startup Touch Tiles, which made completely customizable smart devices. [26] George ended up selling Touch Tiles in January 2016. [✔]

While working on Touch Tiles, Beall was asked to speak around the nation at entrepreneurship events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, San Diego, and more. In June 2016 he was interviewed on Business Rockstars about his experience with boosting traffic on sites and entrepreneurship in general. [26]


After exiting Touch Tiles, Beall was recruited in January 2016. He focused on the business development, marketing, PR, content curation, etc. [✔] He left in June 2016 to focus on schoolwork at University of Pennsylvania.


Due to his entrepreneurial experiences Beall has been asked to contribute to publications such as The Huffington Post, PRSUIT, The Tab, The Undergraduate Times, Elite Daily, and others. [20] [19] [13]

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