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Dr. George Tyndall is an obstetrician/gynecologist ​ based in Los Angeles, California. Tyndall was affiliated with the Keck Hospital of USC ​ and, for nearly 30 years, was the sole OB/GYN at the University of Southern California ​'s student health services. Tyndall was suspended in 2016 following repeated allegations of sexual misconduct ​ by his patients, and was allowed to resign quietly in the summer of 2017. [2] [3]


Tyndall earned a Doctor of Medicine ​ from the Medical College of Pennsylvania ​ in 1985, and completed his medical residency ​ in Obstetrics and Gynecology ​ at Kaiser Foundation Hospital ​ in Los Angeles in 1989. [3] [4]


Tyndall spent the entirety of his career at USC's student health services, where he was hired immediately upon completing his residency in 1989. [3]

Allegations of Misconduct and Aftermath

In the early 1990s, Tyndall's chaperones in the examination room became unsettled by his frequent use of a camera during pelvic exams; Tyndall is believed to have photographed the genitals ​ of up to 100 patients. Upon learning of this, then-Executive Director Dr. Lawrence Neinstein ordered the camera removed from the examination room. [3]

Tyndall also drew scrutiny for sexually suggestive remarks about his patients and intrusive questions about their personal lives that many found "creepy," as well as for racial slurs ​ about African-Americans ​ and Latinos ​. [3]

Tyndall's aberrant behavior only intensified following the opening of USC's Engemann Student Health Center in 2013. Tyndall is believed to have preyed on the naïveté of young women who had never before visited a gynecologist, especially international students from China ​, so he employed unorthodox measures such as undertaking full nude body scans just to search for moles, performing pelvic exams with his own fingers instead of a speculum ​, and even asking to keep an IUD ​ he had removed from a patient. Tyndall's behavior had profoundly alienated his female chaperones, leaving some in tears. Several students filed complaints, and many refused to be examined by him again. [3]

As complaints against Tyndall piled up over the years, no serious action was taken against him until 2016 when Cindy Gilbert, a senior nurse ​, reported him to USC's rape ​ crisis center. A few days later, Gilbert discovered photographs of patients' genitalia dating back to the early 1990s in Tyndall's office, after which Tyndall was banned from campus and suspended with pay. USC undertook a months-long investigation, and in January 2017 presented Tyndall with a letter stating that he had violated the university's policy on sexual harrassment ​. In May of the same year, Ainsley Carry, USC's vice president of student affairs, informed Tyndall that he was slated for termination, but that if he agreed to resign instead, he would receive a severance package ​, the conclusion of the investigation would be changed to "no finding," and they wouldn't report him to the Medical Board of California ​. Tyndall resigned on June 30, 2017, and renewed his medical license in early 2018. USC has since come under fire for its handling of Tyndall's case and for not reporting him to the MBC. [3]

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