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George Serafeim

George Serafeim

George Serafeim is the Charles M. Williams Professor of Business Administration of Harvard Business School and the Faculty Chair of the Impact-Weighted Accounts Project at Harvard Business School. He has taught courses in the MBA, executive education, and doctoral programs, and is currently teaching the elective course “Reimagining Capitalism: Business and Big Problems (pdf)” in the MBA curriculum, which received the Ideas Worth Teaching Award from the Aspen Institute and the Grand Page Prize.

He has presented his research in over 60 countries around the world, including to world leaders in government and business at events such as the World Economic Forum at Davos and the Aspen Ideas Festival. He ranks among the top 10 most popular authors out of over 12,000 business authors on the Social Science Research Network.


Professor Serafeim earned his doctorate in business administration at Harvard Business School, where his dissertation was recognized with the Wyss Award for excellence in doctoral research. He received a master's degree in accounting and finance from the London School of Economics, where he was awarded the Emeritus Professors’ Prize for best academic performance. He grew up in Athens, Greece.


Professor Serafeim’s research focuses on measuring, driving and communicating corporate performance and social impact.

His work is widely cited and has been published in the most prestigious academic and practitioner journals, such as Management science, The Accounting Review, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Finance, Organization Science, Journal of Accounting Research, and Harvard Business Review.

His research is regularly cited in the media, including The New York Times, Bloomberg, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Economist, BBC, Le Monde, Washington Post, and NPR.

He has received multiple awards and recognitions, including the Pericles Leadership Award in recognition of services to the Hellenic Republic and the Kim B. Clark Fellowship on Responsible Leadership at the University of Oxford, for his research on corporate purpose, sustainability, and the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in investing and management. He has been recognized by Barron's as “one of the most influential people in ESG investing.”


Professor Serafeim has held several positions of leadership.

He is the co-founder of the advisory services firm KKS Advisors and the technology firm RG Sciences, and an academic partner at State Street Associates.

He serves on the board of directors of AEA-Bridges Impact Corp., the steering committee of the Athens Stock Exchange, and as the Chairman of Greece’s Corporate Governance Council.

Moreover, he has extensive experience in the investment management industry serving on the advisory board of investment firms in the US, Europe, and Asia, that focus on ESG issues as catalysts for value creation. He has served on several nonprofit organization s including the board of directors of the High Meadows Institute and the Standards Council of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

Awards and honors

Winner of Aspen Institute’s 2017 Ideas Worth Teaching Award in the Corporate Purpose & Leadership category for the MBA course Reimagining Capitalism: Business and the Big Problems with Rebecca Henderson.

Winner of the 2017 Page Prize for Sustainability Issues in Business Curricula for the MBA course “Reimagining Capitalism: Business and the Big Problems” with Rebecca Henderson.

Recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Service-National Meeting Co-coordinator Award from the Financial Accounting and Reporting Section (FARS) of the American Accounting Association with Lian Fen Lee.

Received a 2017 Emerald Management Review Citation of Excellence Award for "Corporate Social Responsibility and Access to Finance" with Beiting Cheng and Ioannis Ioannou (Strategic Management Journal, 2014).

Winner of the inaugural Pericles Leadership Award from the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Japonica Partners in 2015.

Winner of the second place 2013 Hermes Fund Managers' Best Paper Prize for the paper "Causes and Consequences of Firm Disclosures of Anticorruption Efforts" (with Paul Healy, Harvard Business School Working Paper, No.

12–077, 2012).

Runner-up for the 2013 Whitebox Grant for Research in the Behavioral Sciences for the paper with Mozaffar Khan and Leonid Kogan, "Mutual Fund Trading Pressure: Firm-Level Stock Price Impact and Timing of SEOs" (Journal of Finance, 2012).

Received the Scandinavian Private Bank (SEB) Award at the 2011 PRI-Mistra Conference for his paper with Beiting Cheng and Ioannis Ioannou, “Corporate Social Responsibility and Access to Finance" (Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming).

Selected for publication in the 2010 Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings for "The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Investment Recommendations," coauthored with Ioannis Ioannou.

Won the 2010 Wyss Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research.

Awarded the 2019 Kim B. Clark Fellowship in Responsible Leadership at Saїd Business School at Oxford University.


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